We've backpacked around New Zealand, we have hiked the whole length of the South Island and we fell in love with Geraldine. A town full of great people and amazing food. And now, we hope, Fresh Coffee.

What we do, we do it to be a part of the community, to promote a lifestyle focusing on direct contact with people, creating links and relationships along the way with our customers and suppliers.


Many people are working hard to deliver you a cup of coffee. In that respect we take very seriously the traceability and the quality of our products.                  

We cup all our coffees separately regularly to make sure each one of them deserves to be in your home.

Hopefully, your morning coffee will reflect the journey beans have gone through from the grower to the importer, to us and finally to you.


Our planet is the only one we've got. We want to do our part and our best to ensure our practices are environmentally responsible.

Sustainability is not once and done and we are constantly looking for ways to improve. Here are some of our initiatives:
- If you are in Geraldine, we offer the possibility of filling up your own container at a better price. It's good for the planet, it's good for your wallet.
- Our capsules are fully recyclable as they are made from PP No 5 and  aluminium foil.
- The courier packaging we are using is fully biodegradable.

We also encourage you to donate (as we do) to people who can't afford coffee.


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